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“Whew, finally made it out of that forest” I muttered. 

We had only walked about halfway through the forest yesterday when the sun disappeared and we had to camp out in the forest. 

It was an interesting night I tell you. I learned that Chairo was afraid of the dark no matter how tough he acts like  so I had to put him back in his pokeball and have a flashlight out for him. how did he ever survive in the lab anyways at night??  

We then woke up very early in the morning so we could get started and catch my pidgey and meet Kaz around noon, if things went well.

“I’m tired, could we take a break already?” grumbled Chairo. “No, we’re almost there! Look! I see a patch a grass here on route 2, lets catch that pidgey,” I replied with enthusiasm. 

“Oh boy, hope this new teammate won’t be as bad as that caterpie” 

“hey, be nice, no talking about another teammate behind their back”

A wild pidgey has appeared!

“ahhh, there he is! Go Chairo use scratch!”

attack missed. Pidgey used tackle

“You ok Chairo? Smokescreen lets go!”

Pidgey used sand attack. Move missed

“Scratch again”

Pidgey used tackle. Tackle missed

“I think that one hit is enough, pokeball go!”

It rolls from side to side and then…


Pokemon caught!

I throw Chairo up in the air, “Wooooohoooo! My 3rd pokemon caught 2 days in a row!” I hug Chairo tightly almost making him scratch me and open up my pokedex.


Hasty nature

Ability: Keen eye

Met at Level 2 in Route 2

Move(s): Tackle, Sand attack

“Hmm this little guy seems more developed then Saphina even though he is one level lower. Gonna name you T for Tough”

“A letter of the alphabet? Really? How lame”, Chairo piped from my arms. I shrug, “I think it’s more lame to call him Tough in battle”

I throw the pokeball in the air “C’mon out T! And welcome to the team!”

T pops out with a ruffle of feathers and lands on the branch in a tree above.

“We are in a dire need of you right now and I hope you could help us”, I called to him above. “Concerning what?”, he asked while flying down to my shoulder.

Before I could answer Chairo scrambles out of my arms and tells him. “Lexi here has lost her Caterpie and she needs you to help her find it. I keep telling her to forget that caterpie and get a new one but she just doesn’t listen, what’s so good about a caterpie except for food anyways?” He says.

“Hey-y now, I didn’t lose her for one, she ran away! And plus, you can’t eat her, she’s part of our team now.” I glare at an unperturbed Chairo.

T shakes himself and flies to the ground next to Chairo. He just doesn’t seem to keep still. “I’m afraid I agree with this little orange furball here-“

“My name’s Chairo”

“-I mean Chairo, about the use of caterpies. They are awesome in protein and are usually very low leveled in skills and moves unless they evolve to a butterfree and sometimes they die before that ever chance to happen. However-“

He puts a wing up to stop my defense for Saphina “-I will help you find this little worm if you help me in return” He flies back up to the branch.

“And what help would you need us to be?” I questioned him. He blushes unexpectedly, “Well you see..-“ My pokedex suddenly buzzes.

“Sorry T, hold on a sec, this is my bro calling me.” I walk a little distance away to answer the call, “Yeah wats up bro?”

“You gotta hurry to Viridian city hospital, while I was searching for Sap I found a Metapod hurt and unconscious and brought him immediately to the hospital. Sorry for being distracted from helping you find Sap but you hafta hurry because the nurse treated him but won’t give him back to me to return to the forest because he’s actually registered to some trainer that didn’t even take good freaking care of his or her pokemon and she’s keeping him there in the hospital until the trainer comes get that metapod. I’m telling you, no good trainer would leave their pokemon hurt and unattended on the ground in the forest where some pokemon can eat it! You have to come back to help me find the trainer and I think I have a suspension of who it possibly could be. Also-“

“Woah woah woah, slow down a little would ya?” I laugh, “Ok, I’m coming, and I actually caught a pidgey!! His name is T”

“A letter of the alphabet… Really?”

“Hey now, Chairo said the same thing, T stands for Tough fyi”

“Ok, well I got to go, see you in a nifty!”

I rub my forehead and wonder does all trainers have this many problems on their first part of their journey? I gather Chairo and T together and tell them, “We got an emergency to take care of, We’ll have to worry about Saphina later according to Kaz, c’mon lets hurry back to Viridian City.”

I was already running head on toward Viridian city and didn’t hear T whisper to Chairo, “Does your trainer always have a ton of problems like this to take care of?”

The orange furball shrugs, “Pretty much, welcome to the team” 

:iconyaypandaplz: Yay! Another Nuzlocke update ^.^ Just wondering, how are you guys enjoying the nuzlocke so far? I see lots of views on it daily but I would appreciate it a ton if some of you actually commented your thoughts on the nuzlocke. like how you think of the characters and stuff :D sometimes a girl just needs her encouragements to keep continuing her writing too ;) Well all in all, enjoy! Theres a ton of stuff that will be happening in the next few updates. not to mention oak and team R + team magma
First of all, T! The new teammate recruit. What do you think he could possibly need help in? And embarrassed by it too, you could tell by his blushing
2nd, Uh oh, Metapod trouble.... How's Lexi gunna help?
3rd, Sap. No more needs to be said

Happy reading :iconreadingplz:

(c) wintermcy

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